It seems as if everything in Arizona wants you dead.

The animals have claws or venomous fangs. The plants have vicious needles and thorns. Some, like the Sacred Datura hide poisons with beautiful blossoms that entice thrill seekers on a strange and deadly psychic trip. Temperatures soar to heights that can kill within minutes and claim the lives of unwary tourists.

Is it strange to find that alluring?

I grew up in the high deserts of Utah. It wasn't until I was an adult that I found my way into the low, hot deserts of Arizona. Now, I've lived in them for more than half my life. Even though the high deserts of Utah will always call to me, the deserts of Arizona have become my second home.

It's not just the deserts. When I first came to Arizona, the people of the state made an impression. They are different from folks I grew up with. Not better or worse, perhaps, but certainly different. Differences that I find intriguing.

So this website celebrates my visions of Arizona's beautiful places and people. I hope you find something just a little bit unusual here and enjoy Arizona's beauty as I've captured it.

Cheers, Chris